Bringing Weird and Forgotten History Back to Life

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John Hinson is a history writer from Charlotte, North Carolina. His writing has been praised as being “helpful, irreverent, and humorous,” while also earning criticism as being “bloody apathetic.”

He is the world leader in writing about weird and obscure history – a market he dominates because he’s the only one who claims to be in it. Click here to see John’s collection of published material.

In addition to his writing, John also hosts the Our Weird World podcast and maintains Easy Waterfall Hikes, a database of family-friendly hikes in the Appalachian Mountains.

Available Now!

John’s two newest books, 1997: The Diary of Robert Caleb Finley and 100 Stories: The Lesser Known History of Humanity – Part 6, are now available from Lulu Inc. You can also find them on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Click here to learn more!