4 More Things No One Teaches You About Adulting

I’ve written before about the things no adult ever tells you about being an adult, which is pretty selfish because these are the things you really need to learn. They’re more important than learning how to do your taxes or buying a home because once you figure these things out, all the other stuff becomes easy.

4. Freedom can be as addicting as any drug

The first time you buy a car, a plane ticket, a TV, or any other item that costs a ton of money and the salesperson doesn’t give you a sideways look or act suspicious at all is a really strange feeling. The entire time, you’re thinking, “How am I allowed to do this? I still eat GoGurt for breakfast.”

Because you never outgrow things.

And it’s that kind of freedom that causes people a lot of problems. It’s how you end up living paycheck to paycheck even though you make good money. It’s how your boss always gets pissed off at you for poor performance or being late to work because you have no discipline to be home at a specific time when you go out for a drink (that turns into 7). Setting boundaries for yourself is key. Fun in moderation is better than one night of fun and 29 days of poverty.

3. You can’t predict the future, you can only prepare

When you become an adult people will start telling you to get an IRA or life insurance. And sure, those things are important because obviously you can’t predict when you’re going to die. But even more, you can’t predict where your life is going to go from one day to the next. One day you could be a waitress. The next day you could be starting your career.

As a waitress. At a new restaurant. Because you’re bad at life

You never know when you’re going to get a raise or a promotion. You never know when you’re going to meet the love of your life. All you can do is be prepared. Always be your best and in the best possible position. Those things will come with time. Give up on life later after you’ve peaked.

2. You’re not that special

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – You are not special. No matter what dark, tormenting past you’ve had, someone has had it worse. I’m not belittling your situation, because in your eyes, it was bad and suffering is relative. I have to constantly remind myself that my own problems are nothing compared to what others (maybe even you) have been through.

These people win. Every time.

By the time you’re an adult, everyone has already crafted their story and they generally don’t care about yours. And that’s okay. Because you can be a good person and be a listener and make the world a better place. Then you’ll realize how little your problems are and you can learn to sympathize and empathize with those around you.

1. It’s actually not that hard (as long as you’re organized)

Anyone who tells you that life is hard once you become an adult is just really bad at being an adult. As long as you’re organized and you compartmentalize all 100 things thrown at you at once, it’s not difficult.

Life is like swimming in the ocean. As long as you can tread water, you’ll be fine. It doesn’t matter what sharks or poisonous jellyfish are swimming beneath you. As long as you don’t panic, they won’t bother you. Sure, a wave might come along and smack you in the face, temporarily force you beneath the surface, and scare the bejeezus out of you, but once you float back to the top, you’re fine.

This is what a good day looks like.

Simply stay organized. Have a personal budget. Have routines. Have a plan. If you can do that, life isn’t hard at all.

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