4 Ways Immigrants Are Better People

Hello! Are you a backwoods dirtfoot who doesn’t like Mexicans because they’re coming in and stealing your jobs, cramming a 30-person family into a single wide trailer, and taking over every Wal-Mart and JC Penney you loved? Yeah, that’s probably not you because you’re reading this and those people don’t like reading. So I’m telling you what you already know.

4. They’re More Ambitious

You know what’s great about immigrants? They’re coming to America with the determination to make a better life for themselves because their home country was generally crappy. When was the last time you genuinely made an effort to better yourself? Was it that New Years’ Resolution you made to lose weight that you dropped after two days because you were so sore from the gym that you never went back?

My body hurts. This clearly isn’t for me.

Even more, white people have always felt entitled to things that they stole to begin with. It happened with the civil rights movement. It’s happened with the gay marriage debate. It’s happening with the refugees. What are white people truly entitled to? Nothing.

3. They’re Taking Our Jobs

I realize this will probably sound like a hack bit, but immigrants are taking the jobs…that we don’t want. The problem with white people is that we’ll watch the news and then take it at face value because why would a big influential corporation lie to us? Especially if they’re telling us what we already want to hear.

Have you heard about that Malaysian Airlines flight that disappeared?

No white person wants to be a maid or a janitor. No white person wants to work in landscaping unless its on a golf course (and I’ve known enterprising white teenagers who have started a summer landscaping business, but when you have that kind of ambition, you’re destined for better things). No white person is certainly going to work in a Mexican restaurant because they will definitely mess up that food.

2. A Lot of Them Are Bilingual

The only Spanish most white people know is whatever is on the menu at Taco Bell. And even then, I’m guessing 99% of you didn’t even know that “burrito” means “little donkey” in Spanish.

Little donkeys

But do you know why most immigrants are bilingual? Because they need to be in order to do all of the traveling they do, whether it’s to another Latin American country, or to different European countries where English is the common language. And that ability translates into another reason why they’re better…

1. They’re More Cultured

The majority of the most outspoken people who chant how America is #1 and is the best country in the universe have never even left the country, much less their own geographic region. Meanwhile, immigrants come to this country having traveled to other places. They’ve seen more of the world with their own eyes rather than what gets shown on TV.

See these kids? Probably infinitely better than you.

White people take a vacation to the Bahamas or Cabo, stay on the resort grounds the whole time, and come back thinking they’re cultured because they got to use their passport. But you, reader, aren’t that terrible, are you?

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