An Assortment of Thoughts While Staring at the Waves

There’s something about going to the beach that always puts me in a contemplative and pensive frame of mind. Metaphorically speaking, I think it stems from the fact that the beach is the end of something – it’s the end of land, and you’re left looking out into a giant void of uncertainty. Of course you know eventually more land would appear on the horizon if you kept going, but you have no idea where exactly you’ll end up or what you might find.


It’s funny how we’re so stubborn that we continue to want what we can’t have. We’re taught to never give up and to always work to reach your goals, but no one wants to admit when the goal is no longer attainable. There shouldn’t be any shame in realizing your own limitations and admitting when you tried to reach for something that wasn’t attainable for you. You can certainly make the argument that being realistically aware of yourself is a small victory even when you’ve ultimately been defeated.


There’s something admirable about someone who takes their time to fully evaluate a given situation before making a move. But at what point does deliberation become a hindrance to your own happiness? At what point does the opportunity pass you by? You have a small window to make something happen before enough time passes and life moves on without you. 


We’re all broken to a degree. It’s a part of life. And one of the goals a lot of people have is to find someone who can fix their brokenness, or at least appreciate it. We all have our issues. It’s just a matter of finding it in yourself to allow someone to appreciate yours. 


At what point do you recognize the destructive pattern you’ve set for yourself and resolve to change? How many times do you allow yourself to let someone in only to have them walk away? How many times do you have to come in 2nd place before you refuse to fall behind in the first place? You have no one to blame but yourself. Everyone is too busy living their own lives to care about how you’re living yours. Everyone has their own agenda. Even your friends will work against you, sometimes even when you need them most.


No one will ever fault you for trying to be a better person, but at some point you have to realize that you’ll never live up to the standards you perceive everyone has of you, mainly because those standards don’t exist. Even more, no matter how much you think you’ve improved, you’ll never be satisfied with what you’ve become. At some point, it becomes time to evaluate things. Is it worth trying to adapt yourself to people you’ll never be able to live up to, or should you just find your own lane and reach your destination on your own terms? 

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