When Things Change, You Have 3 Options

Hey you sad sack of disappointment. Sometimes your life changes. Maybe your job isn’t working out. Maybe your friends aren’t working out. Maybe your life in general isn’t working out. Whatever it is, you probably had that epiphany staring blankly into a bonfire while two sets of friends are making out with each other on either side of you, so your only option is to stare straight ahead and question the decisions you made that put you in this position.

But guess what? No matter how great your life is on any given day, chances are that the outside world is going to mess it all up for you. How you react to that entropy will determine how you recover from your setbacks. So what do you do?

Option 1 – You could start completely over

Quit your job. Move to a new city. Find new friends. But let’s be honest here, that’s not realistic. It took you way too long to find people you could tolerate, and even longer to find people you actually enjoy being around. Not to mention you probably don’t have legitimate work skills to land a job better than the one you’ve got now.

This liberal arts degree is totally paying off!

And you’re already behind as it is. Packing up and moving to a new city, for you, would be a three-year process, and that’s three years you can’t really afford to lose. Also, what city would you even move to? Austin because it has a great music scene? You’re not hipster enough to fit in there. Florida? You’d get sick of the people too quickly. Ohio? Why the hell would you want to move there? No one has willingly moved to Ohio since 1849.

Option 2 – You could stop internalizing everything

Why not tell everyone how you feel? It’s obvious that you’ve created a persona for yourself that’s not an accurate depiction of who you really are. So tell your friends how you feel. Tell that girl how you really feel. Tell your boss what you think. It doesn’t mean you’re a jerk. It doesn’t mean your feelings are wrong or misguided. You have the right to express yourself.


But we both know you don’t have the ability to do that. You’ll rehearse every conversation three times in the shower only to forget most of it when the time comes to actually talk in real life. Plus, there’s that very real possibility that everything you want to say is not only wrong and misguided, but the feelings you have won’t be reciprocated. That little voice in the back of your head is hardly ever right. But it might be right this time. You don’t want to chance it, do you? 

Option 3 – You can do nothing

Let’s be honest. This is what you’ll do in the end. You’ll have all kinds of thoughts and plans about what you want to say, but in the end those feelings won’t be validated. Your problem is that you have a hard time adapting to change, even if that change could work out in your favor. You’re so delusional that you’re content staying in an unfavorable situation because you’re used to it rather than exploring the possibility of making things better because there’s a chance it could make things worse.

Ahh, contentment.

Whatever option you choose, the results will be universal. Some days will be better than others. Some days will be brighter than others. Some days will be clearer than others. Don’t let one bad day or any set of unknowns derail you from the fact that every day is a new day with its own new opportunities. If there’s one thing that reveals itself every single day, it’s that the future is always uncertain. Don’t make blanket resolutions and expect things to stay that way forever. Circumstances will constantly change. Reevaluate yourself and your life every day. 

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