4 Things Modern Technology Should Have Made Easier by Now

We can put people on the moon. We can make devices that allow us to talk to other people on the other side of the country and connect to the internet all in the palm of our hand. We can get in a metal tube and be 3,000 miles away in a matter of hours. So why on earth are other everyday things so much more difficult? For example…

4. Voting

We can vote for anything in America, which is nice I guess. We vote on American Idols, chip flavors, and even who leads this great country (also known as the person that can’t do anything right or get anything done, even though that’s technically Congress’s fault, but our public education system is so terrible that no one really knows how the government works). But voting on elected officials is one of the most archaic, time-consuming endeavors we have to endure even though it’s the most important choice we can ever make.

Remember when this could've been a thing?

Remember when this could’ve been a thing?

Why can’t the government design a phone app or open a phone line with caller ID with an automated answering system that can identify voters and collect votes that way. Maybe even make it so everyone enters their Voter ID number (if that’s a thing; I’m too lazy to check). And sure on the surface there are a lot of potential fraud issues, but I think if we have the technology to see through walls and shoot missiles out of the sky with lasers, I think we can figure out how to not get fooled by someone who really wants to vote illegally.

3. Filing Taxes

This may be more of a political thing rather than a convenience thing. And software sites like TurboTax are making it somewhat easier to file your taxes by letting you take a picture of your tax documents and then using that to automatically fill in the appropriate information. That’s easy for someone like me who has practically nothing. But if you have a house, retirement accounts, write offs, kids, and other tax needs, filing gets ridiculously tedious and confusing.

Appropriate Google image is appropriate.

Appropriate Google image is appropriate.

So why can’t we just make a system that either automatically tracks/applies taxes as they happen, including charitable giving and life events such as buying a house or getting divorced? Maybe I don’t know how the system really works, but if this advanced tax system just tracked everything for you over the course of the year, then notifies you in January what your refund is or what you owe, then you can check things out further.

2. Invasive Medical Procedures

We have gamma knife surgery where you can have tumors vaporized out of your brain or something mind boggling like that. We can shoot lasers into your eyes and actually make your vision better. We can wrap a band around your stomach to make you lose weight. We can even do this…

I'd like a robot hand.

I’d like a robot hand.

So why is it that the only way to check for hernias and polyps or get a prostate exam is to get molested? I’m pretty sure the girls aren’t fans of whatever is going on at their special doctor’s office, either. Can we not create a scan or come up with a more pleasant way to check? Maybe hook up some electrodes to your butt and see what the results are? I feel like this is easily attainable because I can’t imagine doctors like giving these exams any more than we like receiving them.

1. Smoke Detectors

I’ve never had to change the batteries in my smoke detector during the day. Instead, the system always finds a way to either start chirping right before I go to bed or, even worse, in the middle of the night.

How it feels at 2:30 am when your life flashes before your eyes as you face the idea of burning to death for no reason.

How it feels at 2:30 am when your life flashes before your eyes as you face the idea of burning to death for no reason.

I understand the necessity for smoke detectors. What I don’t understand is why we can’t have a way to either lower the volume or put it on a setting that doesn’t give you a heart attack whenever they go off. I’m convinced that I’m going to die by a smoke alarm induced heart attack because there is no logical reason as to why those things need to be as loud as they are.

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