4 Profound Quotes You Didn’t Know Existed

I’m not usually the kind of person that has their entire world changed by a motivational quote, but sometimes people say things that truly blow your mind. Oftentimes these quotes are found in places you’d least expect, usually as a joke or in a completely different context devoid of meaning.

4. The World Is…

The Quote: “The world is held together with lies and promises, and broken hearts, and brand new days for you to start all over again.”

Who Said It: Matthew Ryan

That quote really is an accurate description of everyday life. Day in and day out we’re fed promises, only to eventually discover that those promises never came true, whether it’s something as simple as someone saying they’ll respond to your email or as big as a presidential candidate saying he’ll deport all the Mexicans. Each day is full of some sort of disappointment of a dream not realized, a responsibility failed, or another person let down. But on the other side, you have another chance to start all over tomorrow.

3. Success

The Quote: “Success is just failure that hasn’t happened yet.”

Who Said It: Latrell Sprewell

Yeah I thought he was dead, too, but if you watch a lot of TV you’ve probably seen this Priceline commercial trying to convince you to go through them to book your vacation or else you’ll have a crappy time in a diner somewhere. But let’s think about the actual quote…

Every day you wake up and don’t ruin something is a success. Each person you meet that you don’t offend or doesn’t walk away thinking you’re a complete creep is a win. Inevitably, you’re going to do something wrong, and every second you spend not screwing up is a success. Every second you’re not dead is in some way a successful second, so you’re winning 86,400 times a day. How about that? So if you’re the kind of person that can’t do anything right, this quote, although meant as a joke, can change your life.

2. Some Things

The Quote: “Some things we lose are lost but never go away.”

Who Said It: Matthew Ryan

Okay maybe this was a backhanded way for me to get two amazing song lyrics onto the site. But really, you can’t deny the brilliance. This is a breakup song and it really gives you a sad realization of how things work out sometimes. When someone breaks up with you, unless they actually die, they’re still part of your life. You still have to see them on social media no matter how many times you block them or avoid them because Facebook and Instagram are too stupid to realize that just because you have mutual acquaintances doesn’t mean you want to know what they’re up to. There’s a reason you’re not connected and I DON’T CARE IF SHE GOT MARRIED OR CHANGED HER PROFILE PICTURE AND ONE OF OUR MUTUAL FRIENDS LIKED IT OUT OF DISTANT POLITENESS BECAUSE EVERYONE KNOWS YOU STILL CARRY A PETTY GRUDGE FROM HIGH SCHOOL. Sorry, that got a little personal.

But those people, even after you lose them, sometimes don’t go away. Even more sad is that even if someone did die, they stay in your memory…forever. And that sucks (if they were a crappy person; but it’s pretty inspirational if you look at it optimistically).

1. Do Things Right

The Quote: “When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.”

Who Said It: Futurama

I’m not a Futurama or Simpsons fan. I was bored one day and was watching Comedy Central, waiting for Futurama to end and another show to begin when this quote was uttered, and the context in which it was given absolutely blew my mind.

The quote came from the God character, and the episode’s plot followed one of the characters getting to live life as God before actually meeting God and learning what it was really like. The quote from God is so profound that it so accurately describes atheists and religion in one short sentence.


If you’re religious, the idea that God created and did everything right is the reason that so many people don’t believe He exists at all. And if you’re not religious, maybe the idea that God did it right so that everything perfectly fell in place is actually possible, that maybe it makes you rethink your outlook on life. Boom.

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