4 Things No One Will Ever Be Able to Explain to Me

I take pride in knowing a little bit about a lot of different things. I’ve always been a curious learner, and usually if I put enough work into it, I can figure things out. However, there are several aspects of life and how things work that I can’t figure out – so much so that there are certain things where I’ve come to the point of absolutely refusing to believe that there is a logical explanation for how they work or exist. For example…

4. How Planes Fly, But Cars Don’t

A Boeing 747 weighs 450 tons. That’s 900,000 pounds. A car, on the other hand, only weighs about 3,000 pounds. So how is it that we have figured out a way to not only lift 450 tons off the ground, but keep it in the air for hours at a time? Yet we still don’t have flying cars.


Or do we???

Don’t get me wrong, I know how air and flight works. I’ve made paper airplanes before. But even those eventually succumb to gravity and hit the ground. I just don’t understand how that much weight can even get moving fast enough on the runway (for starters) and then lift itself into the air. It’s magic.

3. Why Walgreen’s and CVS Are Almost Always at the Same Intersection

Have you ever needed to get some candy, more eyeliner, a pair of sweatpants, and fill a prescription? What’s more, have you ever had such a hard time deciding where to go get those things? No problem! Just drive two blocks and you have a choice of Walgreen’s and CVS. Or Walgreen’s and Rite Aid. Or CVS and Rite Aid. Or some other combination. What’s the difference among these stores? NOTHING.

Seriously...what's the difference?

Seriously…what’s the difference?

So why are they always at the same intersection? Why can’t they spread themselves out? I’d even be okay if Walgreen’s took one intersection and CVS was the next block over. But no. Thanks to American’s loving their brands, God forbid they don’t have the option to go to the convenience store of their choice. Literally the brand of convenience store is an inconvenience. Way to go America.

2. Why People Only Like One Team from a College

Are you a UNC fan? Duke? How about Alabama or Kentucky? Chances are you only like Alabama football or UNC basketball. Why? Why are you supporting one minor aspect of an entire institution? It makes sense to be a fan of a pro team because that pro sports team literally does nothing else but that one sport. Sure they may pretend to make charitable donations to their community, but they’re not doing anything else. Meanwhile, colleges have dozens of other sports teams. So why are you only going to cheer for one of them?

Technically the closest thing to professional anything in Alabama.

Technically the closest thing to professional anything in Alabama.

1. Why Some Things Have Labels and Others Don’t

If you didn’t watch the video, Hal Sparks talks about the ridiculousness of having to call ourselves non-smokers or drink unsweetened tea. This is something I’ve never understood because why should I have to have labels on me for things I don’t do? Ok yeah I’m a non-smoker, but I’m also non-gay. Why isn’t that a label (maybe it will be in a few years)?

Why do people have to be liberal or conservative? Vegetarians or normal? Sexist, racist, feminist, gay, Mormon, or whatever? Why can’t we just be the way we are? Why can’t we look at Steve and just say, “That’s Steve.” Why does Steve have to be a Non-Hispanic bisexual vegan Gemini non-smoker? Or, maybe everything should have a label. We can’t just go half way.

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