5 Events from History That Prove Things Could Be So Much Worse

If you watch any news media outlet today you’d likely think the world was coming to an end. Riots in the streets. Tension in the Middle East. Zayn Malik leaving One Direction. And if you didn’t pay attention in history class (and why would you?) then you’re likely to believe every episode of The 700 Club and think we’re living in the final days of humankind. I tend to be a little more optimistic, mainly because I’m a realistic person and know a little history. For example…

5. We elected a former actor/cheerleader

In hindsight it worked out as Ronald Reagan has become known as one of the country’s finest leaders. But imagine if someone tried those shenanigans today, especially with the gay marriage debate. Of course I’m not intimating that all male cheerleaders are gay, but Fox News or CNN sure would, even if Ronald Reagan boinked Nancy in public to prove he was straight.

Nope, this is just a cover up for his homosexual agenda.

Nope, this is just a cover up for his homosexual agenda.

The news has already done it to Obama’s Muslim roots, even though he’s claimed Christianity. Remember kids, words don’t matter anymore, it’s all about those pre-conceived prejud–uh–I mean thoughts that you have about someone. More so, people were outraged at the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected governor of Cadeefornia like it was the most irresponsible thing the country had ever done, not realizing they had done the same thing a couple of decades before. Plus, it’s not like Arnold made it any worse than it already was.

4. Our knowledge of nuclear weapons was practically non-existent

Go to YouTube and watch old test footage like this and tell me that the world doesn’t seem so bad now. Nuclear tests in the 1950s were about as common as hearing a Taylor Swift song on the radio now. And the thing about it is that the people testing those bombs didn’t really think about how blowing holes in the planet was doing it any harm, just as long as whole cities weren’t disintegrated.

You know, except for the two cities that actually got disintegrated.

You know, aside from the two cities that actually got disintegrated.

Except when it came to America and their handling of nukes, it was more like a sitcom with a bumbling but lovable character who just couldn’t get it right, like the multiple instances when the government accidentally tried to wipe out the Carolinas. Granted, there are some rural areas of the Carolinas that looked like they’ve been nuked, but that’s just good old fashioned poverty.

3. Diseases used to kill millions of people

When the Ebola outbreak hit its highest point, people in America were in a widespread panic, which seemed pretty stupid considering the disease only came to America by a couple of people on an airplane and they were quickly quarantined. Why? Because of modern medicine and communication. In fact, the Ebola outbreak of 2014 only killed fewer than 11,000 people. And sure, in West Africa that’s a substantial amount, but barely a dent in the overall world population.

Or....maybe not?

How about not?

It could have been like it was in the 1300s, when in a span of 4 years roughly 100 million people died. That’s million – 100,000,000 – people. Gone. Boom. Bye. All because of a disease known as the bubonic plague, which came about because people were just generally disgusting (it was Europe after all). Here’s another number – 66% of Europe and Asia died in that time. Two-thirds of the most populated section of the planet died. Can you imagine how screwed up things would be if that happened now? So the next time a new strain of the flu knocks off a few dozen people, maybe consider that it could’ve been worse.

2. Christians killed way more people than Muslim terrorists

9/11 changed how we fly. It also changed how we viewed the Middle East and anyone who’s name requires you to hock a loogie whenever you try to pronounce it. Yet we tend to forget that Christians were WAYYYY worse than Muslims. For nearly 500 years Christians and Muslims fought to see who’s God was the best God (not realizing it’s the same guy) and who would control Jerusalem.



But really, none of that compared to the white man’s greatest (and by greatest I definitely mean worst) accomplishment when it came to destroying things…

1. That whole Holocaust thing

Any time an unfortunate youth is gunned down in the street or a riot breaks out over police brutality, we act like everything has devolved into chaos and we’re all just a lawless society. Yet we tend to forget that there was a period in history where 6 million Jews were murdered simply for being Jews. And really I could lump everything that happened in World War II here because the stuff the Japanese did during the same period was on the same level of SERIOUSLY WTF?!?

Also known as your nightmares in real life.

Also known as your nightmares in real life.

In all, roughly 80 million people died from the war all because people got really pissed off at each other because…reasons? And it’s all of these reasons that no one can really explain that should make it clear to you that the world we live in today isn’t nearly as bad as people make it out to be – and if you see someone trying to tell you this is as bad as it’s ever been, then you know that person is just a fear-monger who’s really trying to get back to the 40’s to relive World War II.

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