Hearing Is Believing

This is how my mind works:

I was peeing in a urinal the other day, and I thought about a hypothetical situation in which the South Park episode where Stan deuces in the urinal came to life and I somehow got blamed for it. I would simply just demand a DNA test and be exonerated.


But here’s where I stopped: I’ve never actually seen DNA. The closest thing I’ve ever seen is a computerized, 3D model of what scientists say DNA looks like. That’s the way it is for, I assume, 98% of the population, if not more. We’re told by scientists that this strain of acid holds every answer to our genetic makeup, yet we’ve never seen it. It’s allegedly so microscopic that only high powered microscopes can pick it up, and those microscopes belong to MIT graduates.


But notice how no one really disputes it. No one disputes that we require oxygen to breathe. We just accept that we need oxygen to breathe. We’ve never actually seen oxygen, we just accept what we’ve read and heard all our lives.


I don’t want to turn this into a big religious thing because I’ve learned that arguing religion is a waste of time. But here’s the point – people argue the existence of God or Jesus under the guise that there’s no evidence suggesting their existence. These same people cannot produce any more evidence that we need oxygen to breathe or that DNA holds their genetic code. All they can produce is something they found in a book or what an “expert” says.


The same goes for religious deities. Yeah, sure, there is no concrete evidence of any supernatural existence. People just choose to believe it based on historical text. There’s nothing wrong with that. If we’re allowed to believe DNA and oxygen are real without being able to come up with that evidence ourselves, then we should be allowed to believe that God, Jesus, or a floating turd created the universe.


But it brings up a problem that no one will ever fix – no one is willing to learn for themselves anymore. The desire to find information is shoveled off to someone else who cares in hopes that they’ll come back with something groundbreaking. It’s why Fox News/MSNBC/CNN get away with all the garbage they spew, depending on your political beliefs.


No one wants to take the time to research the issue. Everything free has a spin on it because the person/company giving the free information needs to turn a profit somehow. The meth lab in Philadelphia isn’t going to offer BBQ with it’s meth, it will offer cheese steaks because that’s Philadelphia. Just like the meth lab in rural South Carolina will offer NASCAR tickets versus a novel. It’s appealing to a certain audience.


It’s why millions of people who never learned to think for themselves are walking around spewing the same amount of garbage they get from TV and the internet. You can pull any random jackoff from the street and ask them about a hot issue, let’s say Obamacare. If you ask them where they heard it, they’ll either say they got it from X News Channel or from their buddy. If you track the buddy down, he’ll say he heard it from Rush Limbaugh, and if you asked Rush Limbaugh (off air), even he will tell you that he doesn’t believe half the stuff he says on the air because it’s for entertainment purposes.


Which brings me to my next point – people are too stupid to realize that television shows aren’t about information anymore. It’s about how many glazed over eyeballs are fixated on their TV screens. They don’t realize that people like Stephen Colbert, Bill O’Reilly, or Rush Limbaugh are all, at least for the most part, acts driven to raise viewership and increase ratings for their particular channel.


It’s precisely why Colbert was picked to replace Letterman. Colbert, if you didn’t know, is an act. He isn’t really Republican. His entire show parodies conservative views. But he does it so well and the population is so stupid that few people actually pick up on it.


The best part is that it’s only going to get worse from here. And that’s how my mind works – I start at a turd in a urinal, touch on Jesus, to how stupid the general population is. I need medication.

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