Why I Don’t Like People

This is a picture that shows survey responses from people who were asked where on the map Ukraine was. And while the majority of the responses were right, notice that the dots are speckled all over the map. There are people on this earth that believe Ukraine is in places like Australia, Africa, Brazil, Greenland, Canada, and Iowa.

Here’s the problem with that. Let’s assume that these people are aware that Russia has been trying to invade Ukraine and claim Crimea. This means that there are people walking around this country who believe that Russia is trying to invade the USA. These people are not retarded, by the way. They make anyone with any sort of learning disability look like Einstein and I completely agree with the notion that calling someone like that “the R-word” is a horrendous insult because those who are mentally challenged are clearly better people than the inbreds who think Ukraine is in Florida (seriously, zoom up on it. There’s a dot in Florida).

By the way, as an aside, I really hate when people use phrases like “R-word” or “N-word.” I’ll let my spirit animal, Louis CK explain (by the way, really saucy language here so if you’re sensitive just skip it):

Back to my original point. I want to find these people and sterilize them and their kids, because you know they’ve already had a litter by now. These people should not be breeding. These people are the reason America ranks in the mid-teens in math, science, and reading behind places like Finland and Canada.

What’s worse is the fact that these are likely the same people who are outraged over the fact that the new Noah movie isn’t accurately depicted as it is in the Bible. Ironically, the movie’s director is an outspoken atheist (as if there’s any other kind).

Here’s the thing: People tend not to make such a big fuss when the movie version is a little more overblown than what was in the book. Take The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hunger Games, whatever – elements that existed in the books are going to be blown up and exaggerated a little bit because why not? You’ve got a multi-million dollar budget and enough CGI technology to make someone from the 1600’s brain explode. Go for it.

And yeah, the big comment you hear is always something along the lines of how the book was better or the movie was way different. That’s the point. Also, let’s say for fun that the atheist director of Noah put “based on a true story” at the beginning of the movie. Just because something is based on a true story doesn’t mean it has to be a word for word account of what actually happened. It just means the plot line was taken from something that happened in real life.

Example: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer could’ve had “based on a true story” at the beginning and that would’ve been totally legit because Abraham Lincoln was a real person and everything not vampire related actually happened. However, we’re so stupid as a collective society that we would’ve dumped ourselves if that little phrase had been on the screen.

People are stupid, and it all goes back to the issue of everyone having to let everyone else say whatever they want to say. I’m included in that list because I get on here and say stuff. It’s just a frustrating vicious cycle that will never go away. So people will be stupid. I’ll get frustrated and complain about it and nothing will get done. Such is life.

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